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On the New

Young Scenes in Vienna

01 March 2019 to 02 June 2019
Belvedere 21Belvedere
What are young artist who live and work in Vienna interested in? What subjects are in the air, what strategies do they use? The exhibition On the New. Young Scenes in Vienna is conceived as a stroll through local art communities: it brings together 18 individual artistic approaches as well as 12 independent exhibition spaces. In this show, specifically produced works are juxtaposed with specially arranged exhibitions within the exhibition; artistic and curatorial formats combine to create a dynamic entity that will change over the course of the show.
With works by Sasha Auerbakh, Anna-Sophie Berger, Cäcilia Brown, Marc-Alexandre Dumoulin, Melanie Ebenhoch, Johannes Gierlinger, Birke Gorm, Maureen Kaegi, Barbara Kapusta, Angelika Loderer, Nana Mandl, Matthias Noggler, Lukas Posch, Lucia Elena Průša, Rosa Rendl, Marina Sula, Philipp Timischl and Edin Zenun as well as exhibitions within the exhibition curated by Bar Du Bois, Foundation, Gärtnergasse, GOMO, Kevin Space, Mauve, New Jörg, One Mess Gallery, Pferd, Pina, SORT and Ve.Sch.

Curated by Severin Dünser and Luisa Ziaja.