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Blickle Kino Programme

The central aim of the Blickle Kino at the Belvedere 21 is to encourage public discourse between film and cinema, art and science. It engages in debates about the history and future of the moving image in the context of the image and media culture of the 21st century. Together with its partner, the Ursula Blickle Stiftung (foundation), the Blickle Kino has set itself the task of integrating contemporary film and video works into a film and art historical context, thereby drawing attention to interconnections and historical parallels.

Blickle Archive Series
This series of individual screenings and compilations will present new arrivals and existing holdings of the Ursula Blickle Video Archive, which currently comprises some 2,800 works. The artists will be present at the screenings, when they will discuss their work and answer your questions.

Exhibition Series
To accompany the current exhibition programme of the 21er Haus, in this series the Blickle Kino will screen film and video works by artists, documentaries about artists and the art industry, and film programmes selected by the museum’s curators or by guests.