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OLAFUR ELIASSON: Five orientation lights


21 November 2015 to 06 March 2016
Upper BelvedereBelvedere
Five small lighthouses divide their surroundings into sections by illuminating them with different colours of light. The light from each lighthouse passes through a special lens encased in faceted coloured glass. These lenses, known as Fresnel lenses, were originally developed to increase the amount of light emitted by the lamps used in lighthouses. Five orientation lights was first installed in San Gimignano, where the lights’ colours facilitated orientation in the hilly Tuscan landscape, which was thus mapped using a colour code rather than by ordinary cartographic means. The five lights are exhibited in the Marble Hall of the Upper Belvedere, where they are placed close to one another, so that the colour fields overlap, project onto the surrounding gardens, and blend.

Five orientation lights is presented on the occasion of OLAFUR ELIASSON: BAROQUE BAROQUE. The exhibition at the Winterpalais of Prince Eugene of Savoy is a cooperation between Belvedere, Vienna, Thyssen-Bornemsiza Art Contemporary Collection, Vienna and The Juan & Patricia Vergez Collection, Buenos Aires.

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